What is this place?

University Malaysia Dot Com or www.university-malaysia.com is a website providing information on Malaysian higher education system. Below is a list of what you can find in this site:

  • listing and introduction of most universities and colleges available in Malaysia,
  • information on scholarships and loans available in Malaysia,
  • latest education-related news that we think you should know,
  • top/famous universities or colleges of different streams,
  • articles and tips that would somehow assist students along their higher educational journey,
  • useful information for foreign students such as Malaysia’s background, its culture and facilities available in it, to get these students acquainted with our Malaysian education system environment.

Sincerely, we hope this site can provide useful information to anyone no matter who you are and where you are from.

Who are we?

Hi there! We are a team of two who are currently college students studying major in Information Technology. Attending class in the morning, researching and working on this website in the afternoon and having some entertainment during night. That’s what we do in our everyday life.

Our objectives are:
1.   to serve students with information they not only can use, but want,
2.   to promote Malaysia’s quality education system to international students,
3.   and to assist them in their journey to study in Malaysia.

Since English is not our native language, we often have difficulties especially making beautiful phrases and expressing our very own opinions. But, we will make sure that every single phrase in this website will be understandable.