study loanSeveral organizations in Malaysia are offering loans for students registered for Diploma and Degree programmes.

The listed organizations below are basically the most recommended organizations where you can apply your study loan with, because of their low rate of interest and their good reputation as well. Some of them are even under government control.

1.  PTPTN (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional) or National Higher Education Fund
(Recommended – lowest rate of interest.)

The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) was established under the National Higher Education Fund Act 1997 (Act 566). It was established to provide financial aids in the form of loan for students who have gained admission at local universities or private colleges but are facing financial problems. PTPTN’s objective is to ensure that no student should be denied access to higher education because of financial reasons.

  • Eligibility criteria:
    – Admission into approved courses at local public or private universities or colleges must be gained
    – Students are eligible irrespective of the academic performance or financial background
  • Loan Coverage
    RM5,000 per year for a Diploma course and RM16,000 per year for a Degree course.
  • Contacts:
    03-2098 3731/3732
    Email: [email protected]
    Lot G2, Tingkat Bawah,
    Wisma Chase Perdana,
    Off Jalan Semantan,
    Damansara Heights,
    50490 Kuala Lumpur.

2.  MARA Study Loan

MARA Study Loan Programme was introduced in 1966 when Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) was formed. The MARA Loan scheme applies to students who join any private institution for ‘3+0’ programmes. Students have to apply to the respective institution before applying for the loan.

  • Eligibility criteria:
    1. Bumiputera, Malaysian citizen: Definition of Bumiputera – If one of the parents is a Malay and practicing Islam or Bumiputera (aborigines/indigenous for Sabah & Sarawak) therefore his/her children are Bumiputeras.    Credits in Bahasa Melayu at SPM/SPMV level.
    2. Never been sponsored by any scholarship bodies at the same education level. Students whose scholarships have been terminated by any sponsor may apply for MARA financial assistance a year after the termination, with the condition that the students have to bear all expenses for that year and obtain excellent results.
    3. Institutions of higher learning are recognized by Malaysian Government or private institutions of higher learning are recognized by Private Education Division, Ministry of Education.
    4. Meet age requirements as follows:
      i. Programs for SPM school leavers – 19 years and below
      ii. First degree – not exceeding 30 years old
      iii. Master’s degree/Medicine/Dentistry Specialization – not exceeding 40 years old
      iv. Doctor of Philosophy (phD) – not exceeding 45 years old
    5. Currently undergo courses that are of great importance to MARA.
    6. Free from any contracts or paid leave from employer while studying except for Medical Specialization courses (For each programs sponsored, there will be other specific requirements relevant to such programs)
    7. The Socio Economic status of the family where the annual taxable joint income of the parents or spouses must not exceed RM80,000.
  • Loan Coverage
    Loan covers tuition fees and allowance. However, the amount of loan will depends on the student’s financial background .
  • Contacts:
    Ibu Pejabat MARA
    21, Jalan Raja Laut,
    50609 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Reference:

3.  KOJADI (Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad)

KOJADI was established in 1981 where its objective is to extend an effective student loan facility to enable students in need to pursue higher education, and to shape students into well-trained manpower to meet the demand for skilled human resources in the country.

  • Eligibility criteria:
    1. The applicant must be a member of KOJADI with RM100 initial shares.
    2. The applicant must hold the requisite additional shares ranging from RM500 to RM2,000 shares for each child depending on the loan amount applied for.
    3. The applicant must nominate a child/nominee under a relevant loan scheme.
    4. The nominated child/nominee must have gained admission to an approved institution of higher learning locally or abroad.
  • Loan Coverage
    Maximum amount of loan is RM 35,000 and is released in two or three disbursements over the entire duration of the course of study.
  • Contacts:
    Email: [email protected]
    Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (KOJADI)
    17th Floor, Wisma MCA,
    163, Jalan Ampang,
    50450 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Reference:

4.  MIED (Maju Institute of Education Development)

Since the beginning of its operations in 1984, MIED has supported students in need by providing study loans to pursue their higher education and today it has become the leading provider of study loans to members of the Malaysian Indian community seeking such assistance for further education.

  • Eligibility criteria:
    Applicants must have at least five credits in the SPM examination. However, priority is always given to students pursuing their studies in local institutions.
  • Loan Coverage
    Loan covers 100% of tuition fees.
  • Contacts:
    Maju Institute of Education Development (MIED),
    8th Floor, Menara Manuckavasagam,
    No. 1, Jalan Rahmat,
    50350 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Reference:

By E Yau

53 thoughts on “Malaysia Education and Study Loan”
  1. thanks.
    informative page.
    any information on private colleges that offer loan, interest rate, etc?

  2. We will be writing more about these soon. Thanks for dropping by. We have not officially launch our website yet but still we receive great comments as above. We are really appreciate that.

  3. I am a Sri Lankan Malay living in Sri Lanka.I am interested to send my daughter for Medical course to a recognise university in Malaysia.Can u please help me.

  4. Good Morning! i am studnet who studying university at Cambodia when read your website already i am really interesting on it but i am living in cambodia so i think maybe i cant and also my family no money for me go there but i hope i can get it if have some information pleae tell me thanks.

    [email protected]

  5. May I know what kind of financial aid will i get if i want to further my study in Master Degree?

  6. @Ivy Ng
    Most parties don’t offer loan that start from such high level of study. They do offer the loans for such high degree level, but only if you apply the loan plan started from degree first year or second year.

    You may contact them to see if they have special exceptions.
    Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


  7. i’m juz finished my spm…i’m very interested in aircraft maintainance engineering…i would like to apply study loan tat can cover all my tuition fee…but till nw i stil cant find out a loan tat is suit to me…can u pls help me ?

  8. Dear Gracyeryn,

    We are yet to know what you meant for “suit to me”. Are you talking about the eligibility criteria?
    Anyway, the education loans stated above are just a few of them among all that are available in Malaysia.
    I would suggest you to attend any educational fair to know more loans available in Malaysia. They might be the one you’re looking for.
    Some organizations might offer loans to students through newspaper advertising. Try to browse through the newspaper especially the educational part.
    Good luck in your study and thanks for leaving us your valuable comment.

    Best Regards

  9. hi..

    i’m a student of aircraft maintenance engineer.but i have a problem with my study can anyone help me to find any study loan where i can apply.if there any suggestion,pls email me at [email protected].i hope anyone can help me..thank you

  10. Dear Syahren,
    The above parties and organizations are all you can find in Malaysia. We do not know anything about you and thus we are unable to find you the best loan company. The best are already listed above. Perhaps bank loan would be your final choice.

    Thanks for leaving us comment.
    E Yau

  11. Thanks for the list. Nice to see someone really taking the effort to help. Cheers

    I’d like to share my exp here, having been to the hardship to secure the loan for my Master degree in Software Engineering, and had tried most of the private and public banks i.e. OCBC, OUB, HSBC, CIMB, RHB, Rakyat, Public, Maybank, Hong Leong, EON and Islamic. I can tell you through my face-to-face experience, none of them offer loan in this recession time.

    The only insurance company offers loan is Great Eastern, and mainly for undergraduate. You can speak to the mnager Ms Melissa Ong.

    Astro and Maxis stops sponsoring postgraduate too. well at least not for the IT, the last Maxis scholar was an MBA who worked for them more than 10 years. I doubt they are really mean the apps are open to public.

    For my case it is slight different, it is possible to approach Khazanah-Merdeka scholarship, they can argue that they are independent and non-racist, when I approached them, it was no longer the case.

    At once stage, I even tried GIC singapore scholarship, but Singapore also tighten up with financial prob too and reduce the number of scholar.

    BTW, having to study at University of Oxford is a bless, and having to be a citizen of Malaysia is to train you be a tough guy.

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  13. Hi. Guyz..
    KC .. First of all , i would like to thank you, for your wonderful comment. It actually help me a lot to find out student loan.
    I’m Malaysian and studying at SIM Singapore for diploma, and I apply for my degree course at the same Institute. So currently im looking for student loan, for it, guyz if you have any idea or hints,, pls let me know…([email protected])… Thank You

  14. hi,

    I am a student from Philippines.. i have recently applied for an education in Malaysia, and was accepted.. now the thing is, i want to have a Financial Aid to help me for my school expenses/Tuition Fees., Can someone recommend or give me an Institute which could give a Educational Loan? All opinions appreciated.. if u guys have any opinion or tips pls inform me.., [=s:)] ([email protected]) tnx..,

  15. Good day, i want to apply into any institution in malaysia with low fee, if possible part time so that i can work,if i can get a financial aid,dnt know if it is possible with your help. Thanks

  16. Good day, i want to apply into any institution in malaysia with low fee, if possible part time so that i can work,if i can get a financial aid,dnt know if it is possible with your help. This is my contact [email protected]. Thanks

  17. hi… i’m a malaysian but i do not hav a spm qualification as i went to singapore after my pmr under a scholarship… so i hav an Olvl qualification instead… now i decided to return to msia for higher education as finance is great problem… izzit true that ptptn loans only applicable for those who hav spm qualification?? if so, where else an i try for study loans? it’ll b great if u guyz and provide me with some info… thanks…

  18. I came from less affluent family so i hope the scholars will give full loans instead of partial to the needy. Thanks.

  19. @BunBun

    Most of the loan company will give a fixed amount of loan based on your level and field of studies. For example, PTPTN will give only RM16.5k per year for a degree student who pursuing his/her studies in I.T. field.
    You can always try to contact them and tell them your situation, perhaps you can be the exception.

    Yes, it is absolutely true that ptptn loan only applicable for SPM students who passed their BM (Bahasa Malaysia).
    I have a friend who faced the same problem exactly as yours, but he ends up applying bank education loan.
    Don’t give up, you can always try to contact the companies listed above and tell them your situation, you may be the exception.

    @every lovely readers
    Thank you for visiting. Sincerely hope that all these would help you out. [=:D]

  20. i had offered a medical seat in india . my 1st year fees is RM 88,500 . i had paid RM 30, 000 . i need another RM 58 , 500 . to enroll in that university . this college is jpa and mmc recognised. i cant find any banks or loan foundation who can help me financially . pplease help me . i have to go on this august and must pay my fee before 15 july 2010 . please help me

  21. @allan
    You probably have only one choice. That’s JPA loan. Refer to this page for more details. If this can’t help you, you may have to seek for bank loan. CIMB education loan would be a good choice for you if you are a malaysian. [=:)]

  22. Hey there,
    I’m Malaysian currently studying Medicine in Moscow Medical Academy, Russia… I’ve successfully completed my first year and now I’m planning to apply for JPA overseas loan to cover the tuition fees of the following years because my mother is a single parent and we come from a family of below average wealth …

    I was just wondering is there any other loans that I can apply for just in case JPA doesn’t work out… for Medicine… I need help to cover atleast my tuition fees which cost about RM150,000.00 …
    but any help is greatly appreciated…

    Thank you…

  23. @Revathy
    RM150k is too much for what they’re offering, but you can always try to contact them and tell them your situation and perhaps you can impress them with your current performance and be the special one. Good luck Reva! [=:)]

  24. hi i would like to know about MARA study loan.
    for your info, i will continue my studies at SEGI University College in Bachelor of Eng. Electrical and Electronic.
    i would like to know whether i can apply for Mara Study loan or not.
    coz i hv call bahagian penganjuran MARA. but the officer is not really friendly and she didnot give any info about this.
    can u give me some info about this. thnx

  25. Salam, Saya adalah salah seorang k/tangan kerajaan & ingin memohon pinjaman peribadi (jika di luluskan) sebanyak RM 80K dgn bayaran balik pinjaman selama 10 tahun. Butiran pendapatan saya adlah seperti berikut:- 1. Gaji pokok – RM 3,001.00 Elaun – RM 800.00. Jumlah – RM 3,801.00. Potongan – BSN = RM 600.00 B/Rakyat – RM 545.00 Untuk pengetahuna saya ingin membuat overlapping untuk kedua-dua loan tersebut & ingin mendapatkan tunai. Sila emailkan kepada saya di [email protected], Messages

  26. Hey, I just wanted to ask. The MiED web page for student loans is under construction so I need to know if they are any other requirements for MiED loan.

    Thanks! Great job on the site btw. 🙂

  27. @ Shalani

    Apparently, it seems like reconstruction has been done to the MIED loan program due to limitation of resources. Due to the current condition which is the related web page is still under construction, we strongly suggest madam to contact to MIED at 603-4042 2885 since best and accurate information can be acquired.

    As we have also done some research based our your query, regarding to the requirement, there are actually some information (one single version) can be obtained through the internet, however, we believe that it is not the latest version, therefore we do not introduce that madam, by the way, if madam want to have a peek on it, here is a direct link, Click Here.

    Have a nice day.

  28. hello. i am a medical student completed 4 years of my course and i have another 2 years to complete my degree. i would like to know whether is there any student loan which offers a minimum interest for my 2 years to complete my degree??

  29. Heyya,

    I just finished my Foundation in IT from City University College (Formerly known as Unity College International, Malaysia). I am now looking to further my degree studies (Bachelor in IT) overseas. Can you please tell me what are the best universities in IT overseas? Preferably universities from Australia, United Kingdom (UK) and United States (USA).

    It would be very helpful for me if you can include some financial aids (scholarships, loans) or anything related (such as requirements for Malaysian students studying abroad, documents, etc.) to my problem here. 😉

    Your help (as well as others) are greatly appreciated! 🙂

  30. l am an international student,l want to study nursing in one of the nursing colleges here in malaysia,can l get any educational loan from any organization or institution?

  31. Hi..,
    I’m from Malaysia and would like to continue my studies in Australia.. I have just finish my SPM last year n would want to continue my studies in medical field overseas. But my family is having some financial problem, is there any study loan which can help me??
    Your help are greatly appreciated! 🙂
    thank you..

  32. Hi, I would to further my degree and i’m 35 yr old.If there any loan that can i apply for my study or pls give in details who shall i refer to.


  33. Hi there.

    Was just wondering if any of these loans are given to part time students.

    I have checked with my Uni and they said that PTPTN is only available for full time students.

    How about the rest?


  34. I am 17 years old and just completed my SPM. With my trial results, I managed to get enrolled with APR-ATC (Aviation Training Centre) for Aircraft Engineering Course. It’s 4years program whereby upon completion will receive DCA licence to work as Aircraft engineer. The fee for this course is RM90K + another RM10K for EASA licence (British licence.) This academy is not registered with MOHE hence it’s not recognized by LAN or MQA, but it is registered with Malaysian Department of civil Aviation. The centre only has MARA loan for bumiputra’s and since I’m not one therefore I’m not eligible for it. Can anyone help me source for scholarship or education loan.
    Appreciate very much if anyone could give me some ideas or contacts.

    Thank you.

  35. Hello,

    Im international student, and I am about to graduate from bachelor of mechanical engineering from Monash University Malaysia this year,I am in dept to my university about RM 25,000 and I cant pay the money ,is there any way for international student to apply for loan?

  36. Hello

    I am an international student, i have been accepted to Sunway University but i can’t afford to pay all the tuition fees for the first semester RM15,000.Is it possible to get a loan in Malaysia even if i am not a citizen. I already have a visa to study in Malaysia and i am meant to start a diploma course on the 32rd of March.

    Please Help
    Thank you

  37. hai, I am a international student, I am desperately looking for a loan. does anyone know any company offering loans for international students, pls pls help me

  38. hi my name is dashni. can i apply study loan for overseas? because i would like tp pursue my diploma and degree studies at australia.

  39. hai my name is sister got chance to aviation in philipine in manilla..can she apply study loan for overseas?

  40. Hi, my sister intend to take an aviation course at Philipine in Manila, am she able to apply study loan for overseas?

  41. hii..good evening.. 🙂 i’m now doing my form 4 here in kuantan,pahang,malaysia. i want to continue my studies in chennai,tamilnadu after finishing my spm(sijil pelajaran malaysia) here. can i continue it india? can i know what are the collages that i can continue my studies after spm. thank you in advance.. Please reply as soon as possible.. bye.

  42. Hi. My name is Mary John. I’m a Malaysian.I just completed my foundation in Nursing and will be continuing my degree at 1 of the private college in Malaysia. I cant apply PTPTN as i have already taken for my Diploma which i did till my 2nd yr only. Now i cant reapply PTPTN as i need to pay them back. I am trying to find scholarship/sponsorship but i cant see to find any because of age or they are only offering for Dip.I’m 29 this yr, I really appreciate if any 1 can help me. Hope to get a reply as soon as possible. thank you

  43. hi! i am a form five student. I plan to take a medical degree programme in Russian. This course is really EXPENSIVE and not affordable by my family. Can i know on what financial aids or any scholarship that i can apply for???

    I really hope that there is anyone can lend me a hand!!! 🙂

  44. Hello i am an international student.
    My dream has always been to be a doctor. But my parents are not able to afford for medicine course. Could anyone please tell me any places where they offer loans for international students please? Thankyou.

  45. hi , i m doing dentistry in local private uni malaysia , my parennts dun have pay the income tax, but i saw the kodjadi that request the applicants to sent the income tax slip as the one of the documents , for my case , isn’t possible to get the loan? my dad is a fisherman .

  46. hi im umida and imfrom uzbekistan and i wanna enter to university of malaysia but i have financial problems plz give me some advices how can i offer loans or find sponsors plz help me thank you.

  47. hai i am indian citizen married an malaysian staying in malaysia , .finished nursing now i am interested to to mbbs in russia can i get l0an in malaysia and from where i can get it. thank you.

  48. i m a student from pakistan and wanna do MSc petroleum engineering at PETRONAS University. I m a pakistani national. Can I get a loan for it?

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