comment_featuredBelow is a comment posted by KC in response to the article Malaysia Education and Study Loan on 4th February 2010. KC has written a very helpful comment to share his experience on applying education loan in Malaysia. We sincerely hope that this featured comment can somehow help you out if you are to apply any education loan.

Thanks for the list. Nice to see someone really taking the effort to help. Cheers.

I’d like to share my experience here, having been to the hardship to secure the loan for my Master degree in Software Engineering, and had tried most of the private and public banks i.e. OCBC, OUB, HSBC, CIMB, RHB, Rakyat, Public, Maybank, Hong Leong, EON and Islamic. I can tell you through my face-to-face experience, none of them offer loan in this recession time.

The only insurance company offers loan is Great Eastern, and mainly for undergraduate. You can speak to the manager Ms Melissa Ong.

Astro and Maxis stops sponsoring postgraduate too. well at least not for the IT, the last Maxis scholar was an MBA who worked for them more than 10 years. I doubt they are really mean the apps are open to public.

For my case it is slight different, it is possible to approach Khazanah-Merdeka scholarship, they can argue that they are independent and non-racist, when I approached them, it was no longer the case.

At once stage, I even tried GIC singapore scholarship, but Singapore also tighten up with financial prob too and reduce the number of scholar.

By the way, having to study at University of Oxford is a bless, and having to be a citizen of Malaysia is to train you be a tough guy.

We hereby thank KC for sharing us your meaningful comment.

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By E Yau

5 thoughts on “Featured Comment – Experience on Applying Malaysia Education Loan”
  1. How may I get a full scholarship or loan to study in your country. I am a Zimbabwean orphan who is in desperate need of undergraduate studies financial assistance. I am also very intelligent.

  2. @Loveridge

    Applying loan has nothing to do with how intelligent you are. As long as you meet all the requirements required by the education loan company, you are applicable for the loan.

    We have completely no info about you. Thus, we are not able to direct you to any specific educaiton loan company.
    Visit this page, perhaps it would help you out Malaysia Education and Study Loan

    Thank you for visiting. [=:D]

  3. Hi KC,

    I had gone through the same process and done exactly those you had highlighted including seeking loans from almost all the banks in Malaysia…imagine this is for Actuarial Science studies,which I believe would be an asset for banks, financial institutions and insurance companies…but as usual all turned down my request and banks in Malaysia do not have any study loan as a product. The banks only know how to lend monies against secured collaterisation – no difference from ‘money lenders’…

    The irony of all these is that a Malaysian owned bank (its shareholders include EPF)based in Singapore offers study loan for Singapore citizens and PRs. Why doesn’t this same Malaysian owned bank have similar products for Malaysians and offer it along the same principle as JPA loans? Very2 strange indeed!

    You mentioned about Great Eastern…my daughter a policy holder with this insurance company since age 1 and having excellent academic results…with perfect CGPA had been rejected for Great Eastern scholarship on grounds that the American Degree Transfer Program at Taylor’s University as a ‘twining program’. Apparently, I think Great Eastern does not seem to understand and distinguish between ‘credit transfers’ and ‘twining program’. Or I wonder, if it is just a frivolous reason and excuse to reject scholarship for my daughter. Frankly, a lot is being said by Great Eastern for its policy holders especially in financing studies. But I wonder if Great Eastern really ‘walk the talk’. It lamented on dire need of manpower for the industry…but it does not appear to help and assist those who are in real dire need of financial assistance to pursue studies such as Actuarial Science – it is a very strange and funny world, my friend!!!

    I wonder whether the much hyped Talent Corporation have anything to say for such kind of malasie in our own country and how it intends to identify and address the situation for funding deserving students (purely on merit basis) who are studying overseas regardless of race, religion or creed.


  4. I’d like to ask, I am pursuing my phd in canada this year, I have already been accepted and the offer letter has been sent to me. I’d like to know where can I get a study loan amounting RM100,000 to support my living expenses in these four years. I do plan to come back to malaysia after the phd program. please advise.

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