UMAT’s likes and dislikes. It is not a poem, just a bunch of words. Bus ticket? Friday? Sunday? Family? Let’s see how UMAT feels when he comes across these words. Please leave a comment, let us know if you are feeling the same with UMAT.

UMAT dislikes buying two bus tickets at the same time,
because it indicates short holiday.
UMAT likes buying bus ticket one at a time,
as long as the return ticket does not have to be bought so soon,
then, it indicates a long holiday will be spent.
UMAT likes Friday the most,
but not every Friday,
only the moment when he will be traveling
approaches and falls on the next day of that…
particular Friday.
So sometimes,
UMAT dislikes Friday,
only the moment when the last weekend from his holiday
approaches and falls soon after that…
particular Friday.
There is still a day which UMAT likes and dislikes at the same time.
Well, to UMAT, Sunday is the day.
UMAT likes it because on this day,
he will be eating with great happiness,
surrounded by warm, cares and laughter.
No doubts this is the day which he anticipated the most,
it is always a family reunion day.
On the other hand,
UMAT dislikes it,
because this day always
contributes him a sense of reluctance…
to leave.
At the same time, just like an alarm,
this day always reminds him that his holiday has come to an end,
it is time to close the chapter.
Yes, a chapter may have just ended,
however, UMAT always brings something along with him,
regardless where he goes, at anytime and any conditions.
Something that cannot be touched, yet can be felt.
Crafted deeply and unforgettable,
such a great feeling always drives UMAT
to have an urge of starting a new chapter.
UMAT says it is LOVE.

By J T

I am a boy. I live in a happy family.