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Questions Of The Month – September 2009

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questionBelow are a series of questions asked by some of our visitors who like to learn more about education in Malaysia. We decided to share this to our other visitors and maximize the benefits of these questions and answers to the public.

Anonymous 1:  

Hi, As mentioned above, I would like to ask for some information regarding on the courses especially in programming series. Since I’m currently working but with the passionate to keep on continue study. In addition, I saw from the web that the university do also offers short courses. There are a few question that I would like to ask about:

1. I’m interested in database programming, network programming, & web programming. Can you do provide me with the courses infor, outline (short term course).

2. Time/days taken to finish the course,

3. Total sum up for the whole courses

4. Intake period

5. Future possible breaking

6. Minimum credit hour in order to graduate

7. Etc

Please do reply me. I’m looking forward in our next conversation.

Thank you


Hi there, Thank you for contacting us.Firstly, we would say that your questions are so in depth that we are unable to answer you. Every universities and colleges would have their own terms and settings.Based on your desired courses, we would like to recommend you APIIT Malaysia which is one of the top I.T. colleges in Malaysia. They do provide database programming, network programming, & web programming courses and perhaps many more. You may visit www.apiit.edu.my for more info. The answers of your questions are there in their website. E.g. http://www.ucti.edu.my/intakeschedule.htm for intake info. You may also contact them for further info.

Another optional university that we would suggest is MMU (Multimedia University) Malaysia. You may also visit www.mmu.edu.my for more info about MMU.

We sincerely wish you luck in your studies.

Best Regards,

E Yau

Administrator of University Malaysia Dot Com

Anonymous 2: 

Hi i have studied high national diploma in software computer in Iran and i want to study more in your university. please tell me how can apply and what is the last time for your new term. Hi there,First of all, I would like to declare that our website is not a site of an university or college. We are a standalone website that provides information on higher education in Malaysia.As for your request, we would like to recommend you two top IT colleges in Malaysia that perhaps you would interest in.

1. APIIT Malaysia, intro page of our web: http://www.university-malaysia.com/featured/apiit-asia-pacific-institute-of-information-technology/

APIIT Malaysia homepage: http://www.apiit.edu.my

2. MMU Malaysia homepage: http://www.mmu.edu.my

We sincerely wish you luck in your studies.

Best Regards

E Yau

Administrator of University-Malaysia.com

Anonymous 3: 

I need information for cost of package how much for total study in college Dear friend,We have listed contact information of institutes that provide such course in this post, http://www.university-malaysia.com/featured/malaysias-aviation-and-flying-schools/ . We highly recommend you to consult them for further detail information such as tuition costing and upcoming intake. 

Thank you for contacting us.

We sincerely wish you luck in your studies.

Best regards

E Yau

Administrator of University Malaysia Dot Com

Anonymous 4: 

I need admission in one of the Malaysian university, I am Nigerian. Hi there!We would like to let you know that different institution may have different procedure of admission for foreign students.Our suggestion on what you can do are:

firstly, decide and choose an university or college that you would like to study in,

then, contact the university/college for more information about their offers,

tell them your situation and ask for exact procedures and they will eventually help you out.

We sincerely hope that this would help you out and good luck in your journey to study in Malaysia.

Best Regards

E Yau

Administrative of University Malaysia Dot Com

Anonymous 5: 

Dear sir/ madam I would inquiry information on part time or on-line degree program from the AEU.  

Please advice

Dear my friend, The information in this article, http://www.university-malaysia.com/introduction-to-universities-in-malaysia/asia-e-university/ are the only resources we are able to provide.For further detailed information, you have to contact AEU directly.Below are their telephone numbers and email address.

Tel:+603 2785 0000 (GL), 1300 300 238 (Hotline)

Fax:+603 2711 0436


Thank you for contacting us and we sincerely wish you luck in your study.

Best Regards

E Yau

Administrator of University Malaysia Dot Com

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