Many may not acknowledge that so called NOC (Non Objection Certificate) is actually referring to SSLN (Sijil Sokongan Luar Negara) or vise versa. In 2002, it was officially introduced by the Department Of Higher Education (Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi), under the Ministry of Higher Education (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi). It was then further enforced in 2003 with the establishment of minimum requirement standards.

For overseas scholars, SSLN/NOC should not be a  certificate/document that appears to be strange, meanwhile, for those who wish to study abroad and have not heard of it as yet, please feel free to read through the rest of this article, since important information such as brief introduction to SSLN/NOC and explanation on how to apply for it will be provided and discussed in details.

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What is SSLN/NOC?
  • Sijil Sokongan Luar Negara, also known as Non Objection Certificate.
  • One of the requirements (certificate) that must be met (obtained) by scholars who wish to pursue studies in overseas.
Why is SSLN/NOC important?
  • A certificate of prove that he/she is able to meet the minimum requirements for overseas studies.
  • Also used to obtain student VISA from foreign embassies.
Issuing of SSLN/NOC
Study Fields Overseas Institutions
Recognized by JPA Unrecognized By JPA
Medical Yes No
Dentistry Yes No
Other Yes Yes

Incorrect Perceptions on SSLN/NOC

Incorrect Perception #1

The issuing of a SSLN/NOC is for the purpose of applying or obtaining any study loans or scholarships.
SSLN/NOC is not issued for the purpose of application for any study loans or scholarships. The one and only role of it is just as a compulsory supporting document, which is needed in obtaining a VISA.

Incorrect Perception #2

SSLN/NOC will be issued as long as applicant is holding an offer letter from overseas institution.
There is no 100% guarantee that an applicant will be able to obtain a SSLN/NOC even though he/she is holding an offer letter from overseas institutions. This is due to every applicant has to fulfill the minimum requirements that are enforced by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, not by other countries.

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How to Apply for A SSLN/NOC (Step1 – Step7)

Step 1: Academic Achievements Meeting Requirements
  • Ensure that academic achievements are fulfilling the requirements that are set by overseas universities.
  • Different universities have different standards, it is vital for applicant to ensure that respective requirements are met before applying for any study places.
Step 2: Apply for A Study Place
  • As long as applicants manage to fulfill all the academic requirements (stated in Step 1), applicant are eligible to apply for a study place in any chosen overseas institutions.
  • This is due to the offer letter from chosen overseas university will be required in completing Step 4.
Step 3: Complete the SSLN/NOC Application Form
  • Fill in the SSLN/NOC applicant form, which nowadays it can be downloaded from the JPT (Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi) official website.
  1. Visit to JPT (Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi) official website.
  2. In the homepage, click on the Pelajar” tab.
  3. On left hand side, search for a column with its title written as “Maklumat Untuk Pelajar“.
  4. Expand the row with its title written as “Pelajar Malaysia di Luar Negara“.
  5. Click on “Sijil Sokongan Luar Negara“.
  6. Down-loadable form (.pdf format) mainly will be available at the bottom of the article.
Step 4: Preparation of Supporting Documents

Below is a listing of general supporting documents that must be fully prepared by applicants (1 – 6).

No. Supporting Documents
Documents Quantity (copy)
1 Birth Certificate. x 1
2 Identity Card. x 1
3 Academic qualifications: SPM or other equivalent certificates recognized by the Government of Malaysia. x 1
4 Academic qualifications: STPM or other equivalent certificates recognized by the Government of Malaysia. x 1
5 Offer letter from overseas institution. x 1
6 Passport size photo (colored) of applicant.
Note: This photo is to be affixed on the application form, a space for it mainly appears on the beginning part of application form.
x 1
  • Please note that these supporting documents will be listed at beginning part of the SSLN/NOC application form (try to locate the listing in the application form, since supporting documents listed above may not be up-to-date, thus, it is always better to refer to the official released guidelines)
  • Furthermore, further instructions will also be given in the form, such as how these supporting documents are to be handled:
    – to whom to give to certify (sign)
    – where the form should be submitted to

Step 5 – Step 7 mainly give the same instruction as the application form will, instructions in the form will be more than enough, hence Step 5 – Step 7 can be ignored if there is a better reference.

Step 5: Certifying of Supporting Documents

All supporting documents (1 – 6) must be certified (signed) by either:

  • Member of Parliament Member
  • ADUN
  • Group A Government Officer
  • Principal
  • Headmaster
  • Village Headman

Original and photocopy version of supporting documents must be shown to the verifier while certification (signing) is to be done.

Step 6: Submission of Supporting Documents and Filled Application Form

All certified (signed) supporting documents, together with the filled SSLN/NOC application form, must be sent to the following address:

Ketua Pengarah
Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia

Aras 1, Blok E9, Parcel E
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
50604 Kuala Lumpur
(u.p Pengarah Bahagian Hal Ehwal dan Pembangunan Pelajar)

Step 7 (Optional): Contact to JPT, Malaysia For Further Information

In case there is any doubts or problems encountered, please do not hesitate to seek for assistance or advise.

Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia

Aras1- 3, Blok E9, Parcel E
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62505 Putrajaya

Tel: 03-8883 5999
Fax: 03-8889 4119
E-mail: [email protected]

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42 thoughts on “SSLN (Sijil Sokongan Luar Negara) / NOC (Non Objection Certificate)”
  1. is it save to request kementerian pelajaran tinggi to send us the noc cert by post as im staying far ?

    thank you!

  2. I did my diploma 3 years and just completed..i planned to study abroad by applying NOC. The NOC requirement before was 5C in SPM…now 5B…i dun have should be applied to new students..where is the justice to me?

  3. If a student went abroad without NOC can he or she apply later after means for 2nd year.

  4. Dear Sir,

    My daughter is trying to apply for NOC. She was enrolling for O level to improve her science subjects, unfortunately the O level is being replaced by IGCSE back in Medan. Please advise if this programm is equivalent to O Leveland recognised in Malaysia.

    Thank you

  5. @doris
    As far as we concern, it is needed. If you wish to know more details about it, you can always visit to here: SSLN/NOC.
    Once linked, you may seek for “Pelajar Malaysia di luar Negara” on your left hand side, after expanding it, kindly bring yourself to “Sijil Sokongan Luar Negara”.

  6. Hello, I want to ask regarding the NOC letter, i had it and it was with the university administration but until recently that i found out it went missing.
    I had an photocopy copy with certified tru copy by justice peace, but the the worry me is , i m going to apply for work soon and i afraid they might need the real copy of the NOC letter, Is it possible for me to get a new copy of this letter for the Ministry of Highe education, If yes, what are the procedure?
    please advise, do i really need this letter during registering with the MMA for working ??

    thank ypu

  7. I started my foundation in science in 2010 and at that time the government only needed a 3.0 CGPA and the offer letter from the university to issue the NOC. According to my agency as of April 2011 the government had set a bar(A for Bio,A for Chem and B for Phy) for dentistry and medicine. Does this apply to me as well. Because I already wasted a year and RM 16,000 on my foundation and I cant afford a repeat. I achieved a CGPA of 3.25 which was more than enough according to the earlier minimum requirement(2010). Since this ruling came out after I finished my foundation does it apply to me?



  10. Hi there PLEASE HELP. How long does it take to apply for the SSLN certificate? I am applying for the jpa loan and require it urgently. I have downloaded the form but it is the 2010 version. Is there a 2011 one available?

    Also, what is this form: 1 copy of KPT/SSLN/2010/C Form (Information on Student Placement Agent Overseas/Private HEI/Private or Government Agency)? Is it applicable to everyone? I have no idea what they are referring to.

  11. @ Jacqueline

    Here is the link to SSLN 2011 application form: Click Here.

    Follow instructions given in the form, prepare what are required, especially those supporting documents (dokumen-dokumen sokongan)

  12. this noc letter made my life sad my own government/country not helping me…previously required 5c and now 5b…my life gone just like tat..

  13. i was only wondering how long it will take for the processing of NOC application and whether or not they will send it back to your home address once it is being approved, esp for someone who is applying from east malaysia?

  14. Hi Sir.

    Is this NOC a political stunt to keep a human being from progressing in whatever subject he is interested in? Take Einstein. Failed in school but until today E=MC2…unless our KPT has now decided that Einstein’s theory of relativity tak laku because he did not have the NOC before he went to University.

    Or maybe Winston Churchill also cannot become PM, because he too kaput in school. How to give NOC. He should not have led Britain to war. That way maybe Hitler could have won and we would savely be under the Japanese today.

    Even in Malaysia, heard banyak UM and UKM doctor dulu all failed their STPM dan HSC tapi jadi push-up doctor and now making rules. Also found out banyak juga doctor yang buat arts stream and jadi specialist somemore.

    So Tuan. Ini NOC mau kasi tolong orang Malaysia atau pun mahu kasi bunuh?

  15. This NOC issue is still haunting me day and night. I had spent close to RM 250,000 for my daughter to study in medical field. This money is totally hard earned money, epf, gratuity, vss payout.

    If just bcos of this NOC, my daughter cannot practise in Malaysia as a Dr…..just imagine what will happen to my effort, time and money spent. In fact my dauhgter is still taking O level science paper and she is also science student during her secondary school. What surprise me, she is getting MD in 2 months time, but our government still wants SPM level Science subject.

    Nightmare……..nightmare………and nightmare…..

    Hopefully….there will be someone to solve my problem…..I cant bare anymore falls or failure…..for I have gone thru many….

  16. Dear Azlan,

    Yes, I am aware that in the Akta Perubatan, this NOC is not mentioned and I understand this from the agent too. But, still why goverment is still pushing for this NOC.

    When will my night mare going to be over, my daughter is finishing her studies in 2 months time. Can someone help me or any angel watching over me. Please help….

  17. Ami, really dont know the difference, but one thing I SSLN is nightmare for me

  18. Has anyone managed to successfully get the NOC without doing biology in their pre-university studies? I did not do biology but instead took physics, chem, math and specialist maths in south australian matriculation and got good grades. I then went on to study in imu twinning program and have completed my fourth year of medical school (in aussie). Despite this, they refuse to give me the NOC when i applied.

    wonder if anyone with similiar situation as me has been more successful and how they did it?

  19. Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Me too the same, my daughter has another 2 weeks to conplete her MD, and she is not given a NOC yet. I spend for the MD and also for her to resit her O levels Science subjects. Again, NOC is nightmare for me….

  20. Hello sir, I’d like to ask. I’m planning to do MBBS abroad but I got a C+ for add math but B+ for Bio, Chem & Physics. Am I still be able to apply for the NOC or do I have to ask for “rayuan” after doing well for the 1st year of my degree?

  21. dear sir,

    currently i have finish my a-level n wish to proceed to do mbbs in india but in my spm i got a+ in maths,a in add-maths,b+ in chemistry and biology but c+ in physic so can get the noc.please do help me on this because it is my dream since small..pls do kindly help me in the noc..

    pls do help 🙁

  22. Tarmilla,

    In your case I think you wont have any problem in getting the NOC. Chemistry and Biology is more important if youare doing MBBS. Put in your application for the NOC. WHich univeristy are you going.
    Again, the university you are choosing to pursue your studies must be a recognised/approved by Malaysian government. Just take care of that.

    Good luck.


  23. Dear PK,
    I m planning to do mbbs in melaka manipal medical college
    I hope so i will get the NOC…Thanks

  24. Someone help me please.I am very dissapointed and depressed.I got B in biology n chemistry and C in physic n add maths in the SPM.I get CGPA 3.1 in Foundation In Science.I am in planning to pursue my studies in Dentistry at India..Can i get NOC..its killing me.. I am willing to resit for tiz both C subjects..can i start study my first year without this Noc thn i apply once i resit my spm for physic and add maths.tiz NOC problem is killing me n blocking my future…torturing…please someone kindly give any solution and advice…If not means i hav to change my dream to become a dentist to a pharmacist although i am not willing to do that..plezzz..!!!:(

  25. Ashini, go to KPT to ask about your NOC. Most probably you will have no problem with your NOC. The most important thing is…the university that you are choosing to pursue your studies must be acknowledged/recognised/approved by Malaysian governtment. Just take care of it. Good luck….

  26. What happpens to those who return back to Malaysia from recognised Universities but without NOC?
    Can they register with MMC and practise?

  27. Hi, I just finished my A levels last month and got BBA in Chem,Bio and Maths respectively.In My O levels I got A for Chem,Bio and Physics but a C for Maths. I intend to do my MBBS in Melaka Manipal everything was going smooth till the NOC letter. I had to make a few trips from Singapore to Putrajaya but still was rejected with the reason that i din not have Add Maths at O levels.I appealed again personally but they rejected it again.This has been the worst nightmare ever.I desperately want to pursue MBBS and i would appreaciate if someone could help me with this as my whole live depends on the NOC letter.Thanks in advance.

  28. Why should we certify our results? The education department doesn’t have our SPM and STPM results is it?

  29. The government should issue noc in a linean way to win the election this year if not…

  30. if i want to study bsc microbiology must i take noc certificate.
    pls help me….

  31. Currently studying in Russia just finished my 1st year medical.
    I did pretty well in SPM. Just a lil screw for my STPM. Math C+, BIo/chem B
    I’m still waiting for my NOC appeal. Is it possible to get it? Fingers crossed. Many qs is clouding my mind now.

  32. Hai. I just wanna ask. A lot of my friends their result didn’t meet the minimum requirement which is 5Bs in SPM and how they can get NOC so easy?

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