Nowadays, to seek for a flying academy in Malaysia has never been so convenience as yet, since more and more flying schools are taking root in Malaysia and providing quality flight training programs, therefore, basically there is no reason to cease one’s ambition from being a  professional pilot by saying that fail to look for a well-equipped flying academy with experienced trainers, excellent learning syllabuses and a pleasurable study atmosphere.

Thus, for the rest of this article, we would like to introduce 8 flying academies that are approved by the DCA and are strategically scattered in Malaysia, which all are providing first class trainings for future pilots.

HM Aerospace Sdn. Bhd. (HMA)

How HMA talks about itself, “HM Aerospace Sdn Bhd (HMA) is Malaysia’s Premier Flight Training Academy providing world-class training and facilities for cadet pilots. As a member of the Halim Mazmin Group, HMA has the capacity to train a minimum of 200 cadet pilots per year at our Langkawi facilities. HM Aerospace with its proven track record has been selected by CAE, the Global Leader in Flight Simulation as a founding Member of the CAE Global Academy. Whilst operating under the CAE Global Academy brand name, HMA will be able to tap into CAE’s existing global training network enabling us to provide our students with a more efficient and high quality pilot training designed to improve their opportunity for a career as an aviation pilot. HMA is also Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) choice as one of the training centre for its cadet pilots.”

[spoiler show=”show HM Aerospace’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide HM Aerospace’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
HM Aerospace Sdn. Bhd.
49, The Boulevard,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia.
HM Aerospace Sdn. Bhd.
Jalan Kuala Muda,
Padang Matsirat,
07100 Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman,
Tel: (603)-2730 5000
Fax: (603)-2730 5010
Tel: (604)-953 2000
Fax: (604)-953 2001
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Official Website:


  • PPL
    Private Pilot’s License course
  • CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL
    Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrumental Rating with Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course
  • Abridged CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL
    Abridged Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrumental Rating with Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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Malaysian Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd. (MFA)

How MFA talks about itself, “The Malaysian Flying Academy (MFA) is the Malaysian pioneer in professional flight training that was established in 1982 and has been in continuous operation since 1987. MFA envisions its primary role in the education and training of professional pilots for major world airlines and other regular public air transport operators. MFA aims to fully prepare its cadet pilots for a flying career in the commercial aviation industry. A commercial pilot course graduate from MFA will be a professional pilot equipped with the level of aviation knowledge and accompanying aeronautical skill and ratings ready to be inducted into major world airlines’ narrow body fleet.”

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Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
Malaysian Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd.
9th Floor, Tower Block,
Syed Kechik Foundation Building,
Jalan Kapas, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Malaysian Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd.
No. 13617-1,
Off Lapangan Terbang Batu Berendam,
75350 Malacca,
Tel: (603)-2095 0066
Fax: (603)-2095 7908
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (606)-317 4026 / (606)-317 4834
Fax: (606)-317 4362
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Website:


  • PPL
    Private Pilot’s License course
  • CPL/IR
    Commercial Pilot’s License with Instrumental Rating course
  • ATPL
    Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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KL International Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd. (KLIFA)

How KLIFA talks about itself, “Having been awarded the Certificate of Approval from Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia on November 12, 2007, KL International Flying Academy is embarking on its plans to established itself as the “Premier Flying Academy”. The operating base for KLIFA is located at the Sultan Ismail International Airport, Senai, Johore. The environment for training is such that it makes Sultan Ismail International Airport, Senai, Johore an ideal location for flying training. With mission statement such as, to develop a new generation of aviation pilots for the Malaysian And International Air Transport Industry, to provide a high standard of flying training to aspiring cadet pilots who will be trained by former flying instructors from the Royal Malaysian Air Force and former airline pilots and to provide an excellent “finishing school” for cadet pilots and future leaders.”

[spoiler show=”show KLIFA’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide KLIFA’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
KL International Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 8-9-3, 9th Floor,
Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku Off Jalan Riong,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
KL International Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 1-8, Airline Offices,
Senai Cargo Centre, Jalan Cargo,
Sultan Ismail International Airport,
81250, Johor Bharu,
Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: (603)-2283 5309
Fax: (603)-2283 5414
Tel: (607)-598 4000 / (607)-598 4002
Fax : (607)-599 4003
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Website:


  • CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL
    Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrumental Rating with Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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Asia Pacific Flight Training Sdn. Bhd. (APFT)

How APFT talks about itself, “Asia Pacific Flight Training Sdn Bhd opened its academy of flight training, Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT), to specialize in airline pilot courses for commercial airlines at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu Kelantan. APFT is fully accredited by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia as an advanced tertiary training institution. Internationally recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), APFT has been selected by Malaysia Airlines and other major airlines as an approved organization for flight training of their cadet pilots. At APFT training cadets are exposed to an aviation environment where airline domestic operations occur daily. Sultan Ismail Petra Airport operates a first-class airfield, equipped with Radar, Instrument Landing System and other approach aids.”

[spoiler show=”show APFT’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide APFT’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
Asia Pacific Flight Training Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 50-5-5, 5th Floor,
Wisma UOA Damansara,
50, Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490, Kuala Lumpur,
Asia Pacific Flight Training Sdn. Bhd.
Sultan Ismail Petra Airport,
Pengkalan Chepa
16100, Kota Bharu
Kelantan, Malaysia.
Tel: (603)-2092 3177 / (601)-9281 9310
Mobile: (6019)-281 9310
Fax: (603)-2093 9218
Tel : (609)-773 8722
Fax : (609)-773 8891
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Website:


  • PPL
    Private Pilot’s License course
  • CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL
    Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrumental Rating with Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course
  • ATPL
    Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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Integrated Aviation Academy (IAA)

How IT&S talks about itself, “Integrated Aviation Academy (IAA) commenced operations officially in May 2004 and quickly grew to become the school of choice for government  & private organizations and many aspiring pilots in Malaysia and around the region. Integrated Aviation Academy is aware that a quality environment towards a sound aviation qualification has a lot to do with the facilities and people around you. Our personnel, from the ground up, ensure that all our trainees enjoy a setting that is similar to that of a full-fledged aviation port, giving them the exposure they need to fast-track their learning curve into their aviation careers upon completion. Learning, therefore, will not just take place within classrooms but will be extended throughout their stay with the academy. The Academy employs highly skilled and experienced professionals to guide and impart their vast knowledge and experiences  in aviation to the trainees throughout the course. Our training is approved and accredited by the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia (DCA) and Ministry of Defence Malaysia (MINDEF).”

[spoiler show=”show IAA’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide IAA’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base

Integrated Training & Services Sdn. Bhd.
103, Block A, Ground Floor,
Kelana Business Centre,
No. 97, Jalan SS 7/2, 47301 Kelana Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Integrated Aviation Academy Sdn. Bhd.
d/a Lot 38021,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang,
31350 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan,
Tel: (603)-7880 4320
Fax: (603)-7880 4344
Tel: (605)-313 5696
Fax: 605)-313 6436
Official Website: Website:
E-mail: [email protected]


  • PPL
    Private Pilot’s License course
  • CPL
    Commercial Pilot’s License course

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KIST Aviation Academy Sdn. Bhd. (KISTAA)

How KISTAA talks about itself, “Kist Aviation Academy (KISTAA) has joined to complement the other Flying Training Schools in Malaysia and hopefully addressed the issue of the shortage and the ever rising need of training sufficient pilots both in country and worldwide. The statement by International Air Transport Association (IATA) is very real in that the supply of pilots in respect of aircraft deliveries would not be able to meet the demand worldwide, and we believe Malaysia can do a part of this remedial contribution. All KISTAA courses are geared fully towards the required standards as set out by DCA as well as the Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) of the European Aviation Safety Agency- (EASA). The prospective candidates will start the course first with orientation to teamwork, leadership and group decision making module, and also effective communication. Other than the required theory subjects taught, crew resource management (CRM), aviation safety management and survival modules will also be introduced somewhere in the middle and towards the end of the course. KISTAA aims to fully prepare its cadet pilots as a well disciplined personality for a flying career in the commercial aviation industry with a high competent level of aviation knowledge and the accompanying aviation skill and ratings.”

[spoiler show=”show KISTAA’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide KISTAA’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
KIST Aviation Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 6739 Mukim Kuala Berang
Batu 23, Jalan Kuala Berang / Kuala Terengganu
21700 Hulu Terengganu
Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia.
KIST Aviation Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Sultan Mahmud International Airport
21300 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: (609)-612 5284
Fax: (609)-612 5279
Tel: (609)-612 5284
Fax: (609)-612 5279
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Website:


  • PPL
    Private Pilot’s License course
  • CPL/IR
    Commercial Pilot’s License with Instrumental Rating course
  • ATPL
    Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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Austral Academy Sdn. Bhd. (AASB)

How AASB talks about itself, “AASB-airline pilot training centre is located in the touristic town of Sandakan in North Borneo (the state of Sabah), Malaysia which is approximately 2:45 hours direct flight from Kuala Lumpur. It is prepared to be the forefront in airline pilot training and its has strong ties with the aviation industry and its nationally accredited curriculum complies fully with all requirements of the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (MDCA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). AASB-airline pilot training centre is a one-stop trainer and educator. All examinations including local and UK CAA or UK JAA-FCL theory papers, flight tests and flight simulator tests are carried-out at the academy. The Training Centre comprises of full-scale campus facilities which include accommodation/meals, offices, cafeteria, surau, lecture rooms, resources room, briefing rooms and crew rooms, library, extensive carpeted examination halls, operations room, flight planning room, computer-based training room, pilot shop,  aircraft simulator rooms, etc giving students an all-encompassing environment.”

[spoiler show=”show AASB’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide AASB’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
Austral Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 19, Block C,
Donggongon Square,
89507 Penampang ,
Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
International Flying Academy Of Sabah Sdn. Bhd. (IFAS)
Bangunan Walai Tokou,
Jalan Bunga Botan, Off KM 2.4,
Jalan Utara, 90701 Sandakan,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel : (608)-873 1189 / (608)-873 1198
Fax : (608)-873 1899
Tel : (608)-920 8331 / (608) 820 8332
Fax : (608)-920 8330
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Official Website:


  • PPL
    Private Pilot’s License course
  • CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL
    Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrumental Rating with Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course
  • ATPL
    Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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Gulf Golden International Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd. (GGIFA)

How GGIFA talks about itself, “If ever you want to pursue your dream of being a pilot or to make it as a career or take to the sky as a recreation, you should not hesitate as all. Either as a recreational pleasure or a career it is very rewarding, and many of those who have taken these activities never looked back. They have become pilots in airlines, general aviation or take their weekend flights free like a bird. We offer you integrated training programs that will help you get your professional pilot licenses to pursue your career. GGIFA International College of Aviation Bintulu Sarawak East Malaysia (on the northern shore of the Borneo Island) is a premier aviation training college catering both to Malaysian students and overseas cadet pilots. It currently has more than 150 students and has been given a certificate of Approval (COA) by the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation.”

[spoiler show=”show GGIFA’s CONTACT INFO” hide=”hide GGIFA’s CONTACT INFO”]

Management / Head Office Academy / Training Base
Gulf Golden International Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd.
West Wing 03-04,
Subang Square, SS 15/4G,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Gulf Golden International Flying Academy Sdn. Bhd.
Bintulu Airport,
Jalan Bintulu Tatau,
97000 Bintulu,
Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: (603)-5635 2180
Fax: (603)-5636 7535
Tel: (608)-633 3699
Fax : (608)-633 1299
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Official Website:


  • CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL
    Commercial Pilot’s License and Instrumental Rating with Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s License course

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By J T

I am a boy. I live in a happy family.

110 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Aviation and Flying Schools”
  1. i want to know if there any aviation scholarship for the flying lessons and what the requirement to get it.

  2. @hafies
    Hello there! [=:D]
    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you such information as offering of scholarships or loans are vary depending upon the institute itself.
    However, you may try to contact the institutes listed above and enquire more about their scholarship offers.
    I hope this might somehow help you out. [=:)]

    Best regards
    E Yau

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  4. Hallo there..
    Im actually interested with this field.. I do want to be a pilot..
    But the question is, is there a higher education in aviation field in Malaysia??
    I mean not just as a pilot and get the licence.. But more than that. Such as Diplomas or bachelors that provided in any universities in Malaysia? Especially in science/flight aviation??
    I do found 1 in private ‘U’ in Malaysia but I cant find a lot of information especially its requirements and how to start. What I found is just a Bachelor Of Flight Aviation with collaboration with USA higher flight education. But I could’n find Diploma In Science/flight Aviation in any University in Malaysia.

    May U help me to find one?? Please??
    I do ask many questions to diffrent peoples, but Im so sad they never reply me.. I hope you are also not do the same thing..
    Thank You.

  5. HI, I Just want to enquire whether is there any chance of beeing an aircraft engineer cum pilot?Are there any possiblities?

  6. Dear Remo,
    Learning is always good no matter what you learn. You can take double degrees at a time, but you’re probably unable to take two jobs at a time. We are unsure about whether there’s actually a job with requirement of these two fields. You should really check it out by calling any of those airline companies.

    Thank you for your valuable comment.
    E Yau.

  7. hey may i ask,do i have to go to college then to the flying school or do i apply for the flying school right after i have gotten my results for my SPM examinations?? [=::)]

  8. Dear Alvin,

    Is there a minimum requirement in SPM results in order to participate in the course?

    What are the estimated fees that we need to pay in order to obtain “pilot license” for commercial airlines company?

    200k? 300k?



  9. Dear Joshua

    Yes, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for you to participate in any flying courses, if you are planning to obtain a CPL which is Commercial Pilot License, your SPM result is required upon enrolling. For more accurate and precise information, we strongly recommend you to refer to this post Qualifications and Requirements of Becoming a Professional Pilot. This post shall answer most of your queries.

    The tuition fee may be vary from time to time, if you were asking about the tuition fee for obtaining a CPL, assumably will be around RM210,000.00. For your information, a CPL usually will be issued along with IR which stands for Instrumental Rating. You can refer to this post for the explanation of IR, Qualifications and Requirements of Becoming a Professional Pilot.


  10. to Qiena,
    2 be a pilot, theres no need a dip or deg, its just a license.
    when you enter flying school,you just learn 2 get the licence, same like you take your driving licence, no need to take diploma or something else 2 be a pilot, BUT,
    IF you’re interested in diploma or degree in aviation,
    theres one university in malaysia that provide it, it is not a pilot training, but, aircraft engineering, more information,,
    if you hav more questions 2 ask bout aircraft engineering, this is my email, b4 i enter there, i also dont know bout it until somebody tell it 2 me, thats why i want 2 help anyone who’re really intersted in aviation, inshaaallah, i will help you

    [email protected]

    -miat student

  11. @al-mujahid
    Thank you for your valuable comment. We will consider to publish an article encompasses information that you’ve given to us.

  12. i wan to be a pilot…
    i’m so intrested with this corse.. there any scholar for me?
    my family not rich…
    i do have the problem with the fees…
    cn i have a scholarship to enter the flying academy??? [=:(]

  13. Salaam

    dear shafiq,

    actually i dont know so much about how 2 be a pilot, bcoz im not a pilot, im just future aircraft engineer, anyway, i’ll try my best 2 help you. what i know is, if you have a good result in your spm, you can get the scholarship,

    However, you may try to contact the institutes listed above and enquire more about their scholarship offers. dont be shy, just call them and ask everything that you want.

    1 more, if you are really want to be a pilot whithout need to worry about the scholarship, i suggest you to enter KTU, (KOLEJ TENTERA UDARA) if you enter there, no need to worry about the fees bcoz it is all scholarship from the government, 100%, but that is military pilot, n working with the malaysian army if im not mistaken, just until your age is 40, after that, you will retire unless you’re the army that hav a high rank, you can continue working with the government.

    BUT, after 40, you can stop working with the gov n work with the commercial airlines, i know this bcoz i hav i friend, his father (ex-military pilot) is a commercial pilot now. you can try search on the web about ktu n how to enter there

  14. what are the different between Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Manufacturing), Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Composite), Diploma Of Engineering Technology In Aeroplane Maintanence… and which one is better???

  15. #diploma in aircraft maintenance technology(manufacturing) – you will learn how to maintaince the a/c (aircraft), the fuselage, the engine, n so on. n you’re specialist in manufacturing aircraft, means, you can also work with the aircraft company that producing the a/c parts,

    #diploma bla3 (composite) – same, you will be train as a skilled worker in maintaining the a/c,(fuselage, engine, dan yg sewaktu dengannya) but you’re also a specialist in the painting of the a/c fuselage(a/c body)

    #diploma bla3 (avionics) – you will be trained as a skilled worker in maintaining the a/c – just electrical n wiring systems in a/c, the risk to die is the lowest compared with the 2 above, bcoz maintaining the engines is very dangerous n risky.

    anyway, which one is better, you the judge. =)

  16. diploma aircraft maintenance technology(MANUFACTURING, COMPOSITE N AVIONICS), that is DCA(department civil aviation malaysia), which means, that diploma allows you to work in malaysia only,


    diploma of engineering techology in (aeroplane maintenance, helicopter manintenence, avionics maintenance)that one is EASA syllabus n standard, which is all worldwide use it, which means that you can work worldwide with your qualification. >>this is new course in uniklMIAT

  17. lpas habis diploma is there any scholarship untuk kite smbung degree kt luar negara???? or memang kene sambung kat miat trus???

  18. I have completed ATPL Technical exams (CAA). I have 30 hrs of flying in HPT-32 (single engine), 60 hrs of flying in Dornier-228 (twin engine) and 1660 hrs of flying in Y-12 (twin engine). Total 1750 hrs. I am expecting to do my flying test in a twin engine aircraft. In Sri Lanka it is too costly. Is there anyway to complete my flying test at your academy. How can I get the rates of your aircraft. please let me know.

  19. ada, mmg ada, tp result kenelah cemerlang, tp tak taulah, dengar2 sekarang susah skit gov nak tanggung bg biasiawa untk oversea, sbb kos dia sngt tinggi, lbih kurang 700.000 kalau nak sambung degree kt oversea, lgpun kat miat dah ada degree(cost-80,000), n degree kt miat 2 same jer syllabus die dgan kt oversea 2, cuma yg berbeza lecturer n environment. kalau masuk miat, mmg dpt pantuan mara so bila ada lepasan miat yg nk sambung oversea pn mmg mara yg tanggung, biasanyalah…tp yg mcm aku ckp td lah, skrang mcm susah la nk dpt scholarship sbb sku dengar mara x ckup duit, tapi walaumcmmnpun, chances utk smbung oversea mmg ada….

  20. salam…
    sy pon nk jd pilot jgak…
    but sy perempuan…
    law sy apply,ada peluang kew sy dpat?
    n sy jga skrg blajar dkat u utk diploma,1 thn lg la nk abis..
    what i need to do?

  21. i want to be a pilot but i still don’t know where i should i continue
    i just get my result on my SPM, so i want to continue studying and become a pilot
    so please help me to achieve my dream [=cry]

  22. Hey there [=haha] ,umm Is it possible for me to pass the medical exam if i have a right arm winging scapula and a pelvic lift? Im really worried about it [=cry] And also I used to smoke a little bit but not really that serious like once or twice a week consecutively for around 4 months,ive stoppped now.Will I still be able to qualify? [=:D]

  23. hye……

    im dam2 interested in duin pilot n aviation courses…..but the prob is i have fits..(sawan) so can i still do pilot n aviation courses…….

  24. hye……

    im dam2 interested in duin pilot n aviation courses…..but the prob is i have fits..(sawan) so can i still do pilot n aviation courses…….

  25. for those who want to be pilot, apply with MAS. once you are accepted, you will be sent to one of those four flying schools above.
    if you apply from that school, you need to prepare the fee yourself

  26. Hello
    My name is jeff, am really interested in study as pilot in malaysia but i will like to know maybe the pilot school
    admit international student into their school, if yes, i will like to know the name of the school and there website
    the course am interested in is Diploma In Aviation Management
    i will be very grateful if you can enlighten me on this
    thank you sir
    jeff ..

  27. may i know wat is Diploma In Aviation Management is stdying about….can u tel me a-z what is the course abot….because i got a leter 4m KTAC kolej 4 Diploma In Aviation Management….so i want 2 know what it is about….can u tel me bro…..

  28. may i know wat is Diploma In Aviation Management is stdying about….can u tel me a-z what is the course abot….because i got a leter 4m KTAC kolej 4 Diploma In Aviation Management….so i want 2 know what it is about….can u tel me bro…..

  29. HELLO,
    May i know about scholarship.I can’t a lot of money.How much cost in four years?Then,how many qualification do you need for scholarship?Please, can you tell me.
    I hope your letter.


  30. Good day,

    I have done a few research regarding pilot schools especially in Malaysia and Australia. I find that in Malaysia, MFA and HMA are quite good, and i find Basair in Australia is quite tempting as well. Currently i’m doing Mechanical Engineering and will be graduating soon in June. I wish to either further my studies in either aircraft maintenance engineer or a pilot. Could anybody give me a few tips regarding how to choose pilot schools and how do i get in contact with them. Thanks

  31. I’m looking for a part-time PPL lesson, say training or attending the classes over the weekend. Please advice me what to do.

  32. @Simon Liew
    Hi there, you may have to pay a visit or personally contact to intended flying academy. Usually it is possible to do so and can be worked out, as long as time can be arrange nicely between trainee and trainer. This is due to PPL is mostly obtained by individual who wishes to fly privately and to take up flying as a hobby, therefore the arrangement of training period can be more flexible, compared to CPL and ATPL lessons which are usually conducted in more of formality.

  33. Hi am outside Malaysia but in Africa and i just wanted to know how i can gain addimission to the aviation and flying school when the only thing i have now is a high school diploma… and how do i go about it?

  34. @ leslie
    In Malaysia, to join any flying schools, a diploma is actually more than enough, if you want to know more about it, please visit to Qualifications and Requirements of Becoming a Professional Pilot.
    To ensure your qualification is eligible, we advise you to seek confirmation from the DCA, Malaysia, whether your educational qualification is approved by the DCA’s standards or not.
    No. 27 Persiaran Perdana
    Aras 1-4 Blok Podium
    62618 Putrajaya
    Tel : +60388714000
    Fax : 603 – 8890 1640
    Email : [email protected]

  35. hye,..i want 2 ask something
    i want to bcme a pilot,..but i have a problem running in my head [=cry] i not a student in science stream class,..
    can i still keep going,..????
    plz,..i need ur help,.plz reply as fast as u can,.. [=cry]
    is a most imprtant in my life,..

  36. im 29 year old working in other profession and have zero knowledge about aviation.. how can i obtain a helicopter license in shortest period of time to fly a personal helicopter.

    thanks in advace

  37. Am a nigerian and i want to attend a flight trainning instiyute in malaysia,pls i need information how to go about it considering payment details and any other registration information that is necessary for me to know,thaks

  38. hye peeps,

    yes2 we know all of you wanted to become a pilot.. i want to fly an airbus, i want to fly a boeing, i want to fly a concorde and so on..
    Well, flying and becoming a pilot had become one of the most hottest jobs but with minimal vacancies. I can assure all of you that even a kid that sees an airplane in the blue sky wanted to become one. But does the kid have real interest about flying? Yes he/she have the passion of soaring high up in the sky living the dreams of unfortunate others. Everyone I meet who wanted to become a pilot says they have great burning passion on flying and they keep going on babbling their head off talking about passion, and lastly what can I conclude from their unworthy chatter of passion? I can conclude that all they know about piloting is that the job is hot to chicks and their pockets are full. That is the majority of “I want to become a pilot” people really are up to. If you really wanted to become a real not just passionate about flying and money pilot, you ought to know what are the risk and challenges of a pilot. Ground training is just a piece of cake from what the job had to offer. Even so, there’re still those who couldn’t stand the stress backed off, not even touched the school’s plane yet. Once graduated, you had to become the best in order to be recruited by airline companies. Even some graduates would only accept offer from big comapany, thus leaving most of them jobless because they won’t accept the offer from small ones. Once recruited, you have to undergo vigorous 1-2years of rating training regarding the types of aircraft the company owns. Even this stage causes some to drop out. Once you’ve started flying, do you know what pilots would even do in the cockpit? Do you even know what pilots have to stand for when facing extended 8-12 hours of prolonged flight? Do you even know how they and their family misses each other during the usually 3-4 days away time from home? These are among the challenges I can pronounce to you guys for now because I just can’t stand people babbling about becoming a pilot but not knowing even a single thing about it. If you think you are almost ready for the job. Try installing a flight simulator on your computer and try the IFR routes that takes 3-4 hours without increasing the simulator speed. Try flying like normal pilots, and i mean with procedures. Starting from dark and cold towards parking at the gates. And try with real ATC’s online.

    This is just to give a small overview of what you guys should expect. [=think]

  39. been looking for scholarship/loan as i’m a prospective part time student in aviation management. try to look at conventional scholar/loan but seems they specified field of study which not so related with mine. anyone with info, please?

  40. @woody I’m agree with your points. Become a pilot is my big dream and it is not easy (even you are flying sim). I do spend hour and hours in flight simulator. Was flying with Cessna 172 from point A to B without increasing the “sim rate”, just wanted to complete 40 hours single engine flight. Has flew in different weather condition that really killing you in a single engine aircraft. After that, taking up the Sim PPL test. Finally, I got PPL Cert from Flight Simulator. To test your passion, Flight Simulator is a very good software for those who deserve flying or become pilot.

  41. You can buy the original dvd at any computer games store. Try finding FSX. That’s the latest one if I’m not mistaken. Once familiar with the simulation, try joining online with real ATC’s and other pilots. I recommend

  42. thank you for your information i went through the seven website but
    i could not find the courses fees, can i get the average courses fees for all the colleges, and where is the Malaysian licence is accepted in the world wide thank u very much.

  43. I’m a Malaysian n do i really need a SPM result to enroll for the flying course?
    I din take SPM n does tat mean i dun hav the opportunity to study this course?

  44. hi there

    Currently I am working as engineer for an airline but i’m seeing myself as a pilot in the future…is there any way for me doing part time PPL, CPL/IR and ATPL without resigning for this job yet?


    Many Thanks


  45. Why do released jogs my memory of another related one who I just read in other places?

  46. hi..//
    i like to be a pilot… thats my ambition… but im wearing spec… i have some sight problem… can i still be a pilot… [?]

  47. Aviation Management College offered:

    1) Diploma in Aviation Management
    2) Diploma in Flight Operation Management
    3) Diploma in Aviation & Tourism
    4) Diploma in Office Management

    Minimum requirement:
    Pass SPM with 3 credits in any subjects & passed in Mathematic, English and Science.

    You may register online from our website:

    Contact Mr Hanafi for more information.

    Aviation Management College,
    No. 22 Jalan 4/12B, Seksyen 4 Tambahan,
    43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,

  48. Hello,

    I would like to know is age always be the major factor when want to become a pilot for commercial airline? My age is now 36 yrs and wonder is it still consider too late to pursue this pilot career?


  49. Dear all,

    I can see that most of u guys are concern about eye glasses. Well, rest assured coz most academies won’t simply turn down ppl with power of 500 and below. But they will choose those who have better eyesights if there too many to choose from.

    The latest known fees for PPL, CPL/IR and Frozen ATPL are roughly around RM270,000. There are scholarships being offered by MAS and AirAsia for Malaysians, but they’re tough to grab, unless your dad works as the VP there. So, ganbatte to all those pilot wannabe!!!

  50. hey there,being a pilot was a dream of mine since i was a kid…so,could you tell me what should i do when i’ve got my SPM slip next year?pls do reply a.s.a.p!!thanks…

  51. may i ask 🙂 , i heard after finish the aircraft engineering course i have to do at least 2 years training to be qualified for sit to license exam , is that right ?
    and , mr.mujahid did u mean the new diploma in uniklMIAT is better than the old one for the international students or what ?? because am not malaysian and i might join MIAT on JAN intake !! [?]
    thanx 🙂 ..

  52. saya juga bermnat nak jd sy calon lepasan stpm..boleh sy mencapai cita2 untuk jd pilot?mcam mane untuk sy apply untuk jd pilot..

  53. I agreed with woody, everyone loves flying and wanting to be a pilot, but you need to have a good attitude,fit mind,maintain good health till you reach 65yrs old.Don’t depend on handout but work your way-out to meet the prerequisite.You don’t have to be a NASA scientist to be a pilot.Get your license,grap any general aviation job/ corporate etc…in order to clock your hours.
    Airlines in Malaysia does not always pays you well.Infact, General aviation for oil company,corporate flying or flying for vvip/presidential flt do pays expatriate pilot heaps outside Malaysia.Your ICAO license is recognized within the organizations.All you need is to sit for the legislation paper in that country to convert your license. [=:D]

  54. Hello, I’m 17 years old and also taking Malaysia Education Certificated(SPM)this year.

    My ambition is always to become pilot someday but unfortunately I can’t take physics subject due to some circumstances… and if I do still want to become Pilot .. can I still qualified with Biology,Chemistry and some science subject? or should I take diploma in Aviation. Please reply this ASAP .. Im really need to know and I also still researching with more information on the Internet … I am very good condition in health,very good in Math’s and very intent to becoming Pilot …

  55. Dear Shah,

    Physics subject is not compulsory. Minimum requirement to do the license is 5 credits in SPM, credit in Math, English,Science subject and pass in BM.

    Another important thing that you need to have is a strong financial. In local flying school, you need at lease RM250,000 to support your studies.

    Aviation Management College also agent for TVSA Pilot School, Australia. Total cost including living cost for CPL-Commercial Pilot License is RM150,000. If you interested to get ATPL after that, you need another RM60,000. You can do ATPL- Air Transport Pilot License in any flying school in Malaysia.

    Taking Diploma in Aviation Management or Flight Operation Management is a great idea. Tony Fernandez & Idris Jala are not pilots but they was successful and powerful in aviation world [=:)]

    Visit for more detail.

  56. @ Ahmad

    Currently MAS and Air Asia do not hold any cadet pilot recruiting programs. There was once Air Asia doing so, not more than a month ago, but now the application has seen been closed, instead at present they are just hiring professionals for other working posts, such as captain and technical person. You can choose to wait for another recruiting session from any of these airlines, however, if you feel like do not want to wait for it, you can go for another option, which is to join an aviation school/academy, in case you have no idea on where to find an study place, here is some guide, Malaysia’s Aviation and Flying Schools.

    Speaking of online application form, as mentioned, most of the major airlines in Malaysia at present do not recruit any cadet pilots, therefore we believe that currently there is no online form available for it. In case you change your mind and wish to study in flying school, please be sure to take a look at this post, Malaysia’s Aviation and Flying Schools, as you can get certain important information such as websites for respective academies, by visiting to those websites, you can access to the downloading of application form, as well respective query (contact) means.

  57. people.. if you’re really interested in FLYING itself.. you wont be spending worthless hours figuring out how to get into MAS and AirAsia every single day.. it really shows how lack in knowledge some of you have in the aviation industry itself, thus showing you’re not really passionate of flying but towards the title of ‘PILOT’, girls and the big bucks…. instead, if you’re really interested, you’d be hanging out at any local flying clubs around Malaysia with the ppl there getting to know more about flying and maybe build your hours there.. then, you’ll realize how many more competent people or pilots should i say there is in Malaysia.. you’d be more interested in General Aviation if you’re really into flying.. get what i mean??? [=curious] [=curious] [=curious] [=curious]

  58. hi,i want to be a so intersted with this course..but,my family is not rich..which academy or place that offer the cheapest fees*cpl*?i really want to take this course..

  59. im a post-spm student hu reli2 interested in aircraft engineering..itz been my dream 4 sum time..i hav juz recivd da fees schedule of diploma in ame in international college of yayasan melaka..itz nearly rm100k..n i hav done a research n gt 2 noe tat there are vry numbered ame institutes in our there any other institution tat offering ame diploma bt cheaper than tis kym bout unikl,tafe?bt i wan easa licence..n kindly is there any scholarship available 4 tiz ame course..reply me as soon as u cn..thanx

  60. hye,i wanna ask where is the cheapest aviation course in malaysia?n how much that i must pay for 1 sem n the total payment as well do i need to pay it fully or monthly..??n is there any scholarship for the students..??pliz help me to answer it okay..thkz 4 ur answer.:)

  61. can i know wat aviation management job is..??i mean wat there r it related to be a pilot or not.??thankz

  62. Hi,

    I am very interested in pilot, but theres is no guide for me,
    may anyone help me?
    In fact i am studying ‘mechanical eng.’ now
    because i could not get to study pilot..
    ‘please’ anyone can guide me to piloting??

    Thank you.

  63. Hi,

    Yes, i gone via the website as you say,
    So whats the next step??
    Now i am doing ‘mechanical engineering’
    and i planning to withdraw in 2months time
    this course, and i want start with (piloting)
    is there any possibility??

  64. Hi,

    Yes, i gone via the website as you say,
    So whats the next step??
    Now i am doing ‘mechanical engineering’
    and i planning to withdraw in 2months time
    this course, and i want start with (piloting)
    is there any possibility??

  65. good evening gents..

    juz wanna add a little bit for those who wanna be a pilot in the Royal Malaysian Air Force..

    Vanue: Kolej Tentera Udara
    Qualification: SPM or higher
    Scheme: Pilot(diploma KTU intake)
    age:18 to 23
    – You need to continue ur study on : Diploma in Aeronaucal Engineering”. Lecturer = Air force + UTM
    Semester 1 – 5(complete UTM module)
    Semester 6 – Ground School Flying + Flying Training

    along with that u will carry out military training
    drill+survival+war training++++(more activity which will make u become an Air force Office.

    Completed 6 semester = U’ll be commission as Leutenant and continue your flying program.. if u failed.. still serve in the air force but subject to field that u’ll be attach..

    if u failed in any semester before u commission, u can say bye bye to the air for force and the flying off course.

    for the next few year, air force plan to upgrade the pre requisit entry to degree level

    off course the fees is “ZERO”..

    remember.. in order for u to be an air force pilot… u got to be an air force officer too. it comes together..

    guys.. i hope u can have better picture now.. other than pilot, the air force also have various of field that might attract u..such:

    1. Air traffic Control Officer
    2. Air defence Controller
    3. Navigator/wso
    4. Flight Engineer
    5. Admin Officer
    – Commando
    – Lawyer
    – Teacher
    – etc
    6. Supply Officer
    – accauntant
    – etc
    7. Engineer
    – Air craft
    – engineering
    – etc
    8. Few others..

    i’m not here to promote the air force.. just to assist u guys to hv better pic.. thanks sir!

  66. السلام عليكم لدي بعض الاسئلة التي تدور حولي فكري
    لآني منذ صغري لدي الرغبة في ان اصبح طيار مدني
    نآتي للأسئلة واتمنى ان يكون الجواب موزون ومتأكد منه

    1_ الشهادة المطلوبة للتسجيل في اكادمية الطيران ( اي اكادمية طيران في ماليزيا بدون استثناء)…

    2_ مدة الدراسة في اكادمية الطيران الماليزية (مطلوب)

    3_ كلفة الدراسة في اكادمية الطيران الماليزية والاقساط كُل كم شهر

    4_واذا كنت لا اتقن اللغة الانكليزية ماهي فترة الدراسة في معهد للغة الانكليزية

    وشكرآ لأستماعكم الي ..

  67. Thank.
    I am understand that material which your publish.But i need more information about the loan for student who study in malaysia but are not malaysian.THANK.

  68. salam..n elo evy1…if u r really cnsidered about the fncial issues..the RMAF is the best answer but with a long bond..dun wory about hostile engagement la…juz cncern about ur daily awful tight n stritch routine je..seriously..almost 200 selfund,fresh grad pilot nowadays r jobless rightnow…1of my fren hav past d cadetship pilot program 4 Mas already told me..4 da next intake the compt cn b more tough n they need 2 set up the new priority 4 those who have obtain atleast deg in certain related fields…or u can start to take Dip in Aviation Management.. the syllabus r almost the same with the ground school for PPL students..1 of my fren told me..two guys from his class got an offer from airasia to pursue their pilot studies in canada once after grad from the dip….4 those who inspired 2 bcome n acrft engineer,seriously theres no use u earn a degree or dip in acrft maintenance coz the LICENSE is what they r lookin for…not ur deg or dip..
    btw i knew some of u may knw about aeronautical studies in my university..2 in 1..they offer a deg in aeronautical WITH a pilot license… for the 3rd year they will b send to APFT to get their license…im not really sure about their financial status wether they’ve got a sponsor or not snce it still a trial batch….im a mechanical eng. students….sometimes i felt,its too late for me to turn back n looking foward to chase my dream in aviation fields….i dunno y im doin this…5 years in mechanical is nothin make sense for passion to the acrft nver fade away..n i dunno how to get out frm this…ive got an offer from MAS for their trainee junior tech program…but due to the low pay…short bond n cant sign of the aircraft,then at the same tme im in 2nd year in the university,so i ve 2 rejected the offer…but. years later..some of my fren who accept the offer,recently they told me some of them will b send to the France to study more about their new turboprop plane….huuuu..gudluck for those who still stand a chance to nvolve in this fields…:>

  69. Sir

    I am Srinivasan from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am a stock market consultant and going to enter into overseas education business.

    We are able to procure sufficient Indian Students for malaysian aviation institutions every year.

    If any institute interests, please kindly contact us at [email protected]

    Thank you



  70. Hello I have some questions that revolve around intellectual
    For Annie since childhood I have a desire to become a civilian pilot
    We come to the questions and I hope the answer is weighted and sure of it

    1_ certificate required for registration in the aviation academy (ie, aviation academy in Malaysia without exception) …

    2_ period of study in Malaysian aviation academy (required)

    3_ cost to study in Malaysian aviation academy and how much premium each month

    4_, and if you do not perfected the English language what the study period at the Institute of English

    Thank you for your attention to ..

  71. Hi future pilots.

    An issue that all student wishing to join a flying school must
    understand is no flying school gives any student an assurance of completion in the duration that they promise.

    Please make sure that you speak to the students of that school on their progress and internal situations first, before embarking on the course. As you may already know, schools have given students false promises and shattered their dreams by delaying training to over 3 years in numerous cases due to extremely slow progress, and even we have see many examples that schools closed down and the students left with nothing after settling full payments of more than $250,000.

    For students who start fresh, please check on the schools real situation before embarking onto the flying course because it is
    very expensive and some poor parents slog for the money and even trade their properties for this course.

    For students who were cheated by flying schools, i suggest that you approach some profesional consultants for some free advise. These consultants offer free consultation services to students who were cheated by schools and help them out to complete what they started.

    Students who have passed all the theory papers and also the UK CAA-6 or the JAR exams and have little flying or have not started flying yet, i strongly suggest you contact and speak to them. I understand that they can arrange for single-engine flying to be completed in 5-6 months overseas and complete the twin-engines in malaysia within 3-4months. And the best thing is that the completion is 100% guarenteed to be on time.

    As they are many false ones out there, there are some nice consultants who are highly recommended and you may write or speak to them such as: [email protected], hp : +6016-345 1297. I understand that once the student agrees to pursue their flying, a fee is charged which its alright as they prepare all documents, admin charges, bookings, legal documents and etc. right from scratch until completion of the course. The consultants also monitor the students progress and deal directly with the schools to ensure the students progress as planned.

    All the best to you guys and Happy Landings.

  72. hye there..

    im graduate from uniKl miat(aviation university) and now working in HM aerospace as mechanic there..
    just wait date from DCA for the lwtr exam to become aircraft
    what can i say that HM aerospace is the fastest flying school in malaysia(average grad below 2 years time period).. it not my words but what students explain to me compare than others..
    in hm there use new aircaft(diamond 40d for sgle engine and 42 twin star for twin engine) compare than others used piper the cost about 280k im not sure maybe less.. located in beautiful island langkawi and you will enjoy there..
    im not promote it just advice as im play around there and flying school in malaysia..

    nice to know..

  73. hi there.
    i’m interested to be a pilot,but i don’t know which flight school’s is the best choice.Besides,could u suggest to me for it??hope u can help me..

  74. Hi,i just wanna ask a few questions. I am totally interested wit this field and it is my dream to be a pilot. But my family is not that rich to afford the expensive fees of flight training school. Instead, seriously i am a girl and is there any chances for me to join the flying school as i found that most of them are only limited for male.
    Lastly, i am SPM’s candidate for this year and how can i apply for those flight traning school with my SPM’s result?
    Should i apply for scholarship first if my result are quite excellent?
    please help me to achieve my dream 🙁

  75. hi am sindhu , i have completed aircraft maintenance engineering in 2011 , and i have completed traing also so now the problem is i want to be trained in other countries becoz there are no chances in india so let me know how i can go well with my future and wat wat to do next ………


  77. what are the options after getting cpl(w/ atpl) from these flying schools, say if i don’t get a job with major airlines? i.e. are there other companies(local or overseas) willing to hire fresh graduates from these schools? is the cpl/atpl obtained from these schools recognized internationally so i can also work for other aviation companies overseas?
    thank you.

  78. hi..
    i’m 19 years old and i’m eagarly want to be a pilot.. now i’m studying in matriculation college.. my academic just nice but the problem is my english is not good n efficient.. hmm can i hve some of view..

  79. i want to be a pilot but i’m short. can anyone help me? is there any solution to this problem?

  80. excuse,,nk tnya..bleh tk saya dpat seba sedikit tntang Air Traffic Control(ATC)..sbp sya mmg berminat utk bkerja di bahagian tower,,kalau nak tahu lepas SPM agk2 mna nk smbung blajar?

  81. i wld like to enrol my son for helicopter pilot training. may i know where can i send him in malaysia?


  82. i wld like to enrol my son for helicopter pilot training. may i know where can i send him in malaysia?


    mohd isa

  83. i am from india.. i want to know about the fee details and duration of the course and any placement vl be ther after ompletion of course

  84. To Mohd Isa;

    Some discussions are on going and probably in a short while helicopter Pilot training will start again in Malaysia.
    However due to the operational costs of Helicopters, it should be underlined that helicopter training price is at least twice the fixed wing one.

    To all:
    A suggestion: before enrolling in a Flight Training Organisation, you should check if you have the aptitudes as required by Airlines, because one thing is to get the Licence, another one is to be enrolled by an Airlines.

    Just my 3 cents

  85. Hello
    I am Ali from Iran and interested in studying the pilot
    Please help me

  86. Hi,

    I’m currently a Plant Engineering. At age of 33, is it too late to change career to a become a Commercial Pilot. Is there a short cut for an engineer to become a commercial pilot besides going through all courses?.

    Kindly advice.

    Thank You.

  87. Hi,
    I have just finished my diploma in IT, i wish to continue my degree in aviation management. Can you give any suggestion in our local malaysian university !

  88. Hello,
    I am a parent from Lusaka Zambia. I am interested in enrolling my son after his cambridge exams next year in one of the schools advertised. as you may be aware,this is a grade 12 certificate.
    i woud like to know the folllowing;
    – what is the minimum qualification for a foreign student
    – how can i ensure that we are not cconned by the many frausters on the net.
    – I am also interested in having infomrtaion on scholarships in the aviation school.

    many thanks.


  89. aloha !
    im a student… done with my spm… im on the process of finding out which is the right pathway for a airlines job..
    i knda interested in air stewardess. but meawnhile i have a feeling whether is this still a demanding job? and after all we don’t need to study for this except for training…
    the other hand im also interested in flight operations management.. can anyone help me in this two job???? what can i do??

  90. Good day!

    Aviation Management College will having new intake on 9th July 2012. We offered Diploma in Aviation Management,Diploma in Flight Operation Management, Diploma in Aviation & Tourism Management, Diploma in Aviation & Finance Management and Diploma in Office Management.

    Aviation management/operation is very demanding. Our graduates got no problem getting a job with airliners right after they finished their practical training.

    Right now we have promotion for student who pay the registration fee RM300 before 31 May 2012. You will get free Android 4.0 Tablet PC. Students who will take PTPTN don’t have to pay anything for their first semester.

    Go to for registration or call me at 03-89265337.

    keshy says:
    24 May 2012 at 3:34 pm

    aloha !
    im a student… done with my spm… im on the process of finding out which is the right pathway for a airlines job..
    i knda interested in air stewardess. but meawnhile i have a feeling whether is this still a demanding job? and after all we don’t need to study for this except for training…
    the other hand im also interested in flight operations management.. can anyone help me in this two job???? what can i do??

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